Social Justice Warriors - what are they really?

Written and published on 2019-10-13

We’ve heard about “Social Justice Warriors” (SJWs) on the internet to no end - those pesky know-it-alls who get offended at the slightest hint of free thought, whose only strength is in numbers but is in fact such a terrifying strength that it has changed the face of Western culture. But have we ever really examined who they are… where they come from… where they’re going? Some people call them Cultural Marxists, other people call them postmodernists, but those are only surface level examinations. They are often lazy and don’t get into the core of things.

We live in what I like to call a technologically dominated society. That's right - not a technological society but a technologically dominated one. We live on rails. From the moment of our birth we’re under the care of our parents, then we go to school, some get a higher education, almost everyone gets a job of some sort but all that’s really irrelevant, because we all end up in the same place. We all wait for the green light to come on before crossing an intersection even if there are no other cars as far as the eye can see. The phone bleeps, we all pick it up and switch on the screen. Our boss yells at us, we say nothing and we obey. We obey so we can get these little scraps of paper. We compete with each other, sacrificing the best years of our lives and for what? For a bigger TV? A fancy smartphone? A better car? A house?

Each and every one of us is slaving away under the illusion that someday we’ll be free, among other fantasies, and we all have this deep certainty that we’re each somebody. When in truth, everybody’s nobody. We slave away to make sure the machine that is society works like a well oiled machine, no matter how many individual human beings are sacrificed in the process. No matter what organization you might be working for, you’re just a cog in the machine and even if you’re a businessman you’re nothing more than a larger cog. And this is where it all stems from - delusion and pain, both taken to their logical conclusions.

A truly free human being experiences true love and belonging. The SJW, like any other political extremist, replaces that with the ingroup because there is little love and belonging left in our atomized and increasingly deranged society.. A truly free human being is meant to experience danger, to fight and to overcome. In our modern society we no longer experience true danger. So the SJWs, among others, invent their own fictions of danger in order to have something to fight. A truly free human being experiences endless opportunity. There is no opportunity in our society, not while we hopelessly run on the treadmill, along with countless others, hoping to get that dangling carrot on a stick that always seems to evade us. A truly free human being experiences a sense of self and self-worth. There is no selfhood in a society where we’re afraid to face ourselves and the truth of our enslavement.

Our society has made a virtue out of obedience, as it is the only way for us to cope with our bleak fate. So SJWs obey with absolute devotion, even to the point of fanaticism. They obey whatever the government and corporate master says. Our society has made a vice out of experiencing humanity, so SJWs lash out at anyone being even remotely human. Anyone with loyalty to their kin is deemed racist. Anyone who wants to speak freely is deemed problematic. Anyone who wants to have a family and children is deemed to be patriarchal and thus oppressive.

SJWs champion the act of mutilating one’s own body, of abusing drugs, of being hostile towards one’s own kin, of hating one’s history, because deep inside they know that nobody is truly human anymore. The dreaded SJW is, in reality, nothing more than the essence of our society. Our society, where the things that truly matter are never discussed, where we’re all enslaved, where we’re all brainwashed by pointless and often disgusting tripe, where we’re all abused, where we’re slowly killed by the polluted air we breathe and the artificial food we eat, where we’re trapped in cages.

My God, what the fuck were we thinking? Can we really be surprised at this point that people are mentally deranged and suicidal, and spiritually dead? We eat poison, we drink poison, we breathe poison and we excrete poison. This was done to us and like a cargo cult, we pass it onto our children without ever knowing why or the extent of the damage that was caused to us. If we don’t stop and take responsibility as a species for what we’ve done to ourselves, we will continue to descend into madness until we all die.

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