Recommended software

Text Editors:
GNU Emacs (Linux, Mac OS and Windows)
Notepad++ (Windows)
Notepadqq (Notepad++ alternative for Linux)
Vim (For practically all operating systems including legacy ones like OS/2, Amiga OS and MSDOS.)

Image Editors:
GIMP (For Linux, Mac OS and Windows)
Krita (For Linux, Mac OS and Windows) very easy to utilize if you're used to Photoshop's user interface.
Inkscape (For Linux and Windows) for vector graphics.

LibreOffice (For Linux, Mac OS and Windows)
OpenOffice (For Linux, Mac OS and Windows)

Web browsers:
GNU Icecat (For Linux, Mac OS, Android and Windows) a fork of Firefox with additional privacy features.
Ungoogled Chromium (For Linux, Mac OS and Windows) like Google Chrome but without the malicious features that spy on the user.

Good Neocities Sites


My friends outside of Neocities

Good non-Neocities sites

Site Description
Macechan A Futaba Channel-esque imageboard made by Neocities user mace486. Has a Lainchan vibe to it.
Gelbooru(NSFW) A great tag-based image repository style imageboard for anime and hentai images and WebMs. It's a bit heavy on the ads and while they seem to be safe malware-wise, I wouldn't go in there without an ad blocker. If you wanna support the owners of the site in other ways, they offer merchandise for sale.
Startpage An anonymous search engine that uses Google's results, minus its algorithmic result curation, bias and data collection.
World4ch A 2channel-esque textboard website that aims to revive 4chan's old textboards. It dies frequently so a lot of posts end up lost though, so be advised. Might also contain naughty language and controversial opinions.
Tohno-chan A Futaba Channel-esque imageboard centered around otaku culture.
Exclusively Games Tired of the overly politicized game review magazines that dominate the video game press for some reason? Well, YouTube user Jeremy Hambly aka The Quartering started his own website for game reviews with its own reviewers and community, with one goal in mind - to inform users about video games without a political spin on anything.
GifCities Archives most if not all GIFs from Geocities. Millions of old GIFs available at your fingertips, just a quick search away.

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